Environmental Policy

Occupational Safety and Health Statement:-

  • Safety and health program shall be conducted on continuing basis with active participation by all employees.
  • Knight regards the occupational safety and health of it’s employee as primary concern of the management.
  • The programs shall recognize the importance of accident prevention and a safe healthy environment.
  • It is management’s responsibility to ensure the presence of a safe and healthful workplace.


  • Occupational safety and health efforts throughout Knight are and will remain based on following:-
  • Management recognition of occupational safety and health as matters of high priority.
  • The establishment of occupational safety and health objectives by department and operation units and commitment to the achievement of those objectives.
  • The performances of operation and maintenance function in manner, which recognizes safety and health as matter of priority.
  • Making occupational safety and health of employees a requirement in design, construction and operations of our facilities.
  • The recognition of individual employee responsibility for safely and health and need for communication and training programs to ensure each employee understands of safety and health procedures.
  • A periodic audit or physical facilities emphasizing industrial hygiene and accident and loss prevention.

Knight will conduct business with respect and care for environments in which we operate:-

To realize this we will:-

Minimize the environment impact of our activities by:-

  • Assessing the environmental sensitivity of potential operating sites and the impact of our operations on the local and regional environments.
  • Efficient use of energy and natural resources.
  • Limiting physical disturbances.

Foster open communication on company environmental performance by:-

  • Demonstrating our commitment through environmental excellence.
  • Being responsive to public attitudes and concerns.

Systematically manage environment performance by:-

  • Development aligned goals and standards and ensuring.
  • Committing appropriate means and resources to meet stated goals and standards and to comply with applicable laws and regulations
  • Ensuring staff and clients are trained to carry out their business with environmental responsibility.

Encouraging improve the total environmental performance of the company through:-

  • Organizational development.
  • Enhanced understanding
  • Commitment.